Keep it Simple!


So...January's a little more than half way over and this is the time when people tend to get burnt out on their "resolutions."  Why are they so hard to stick with?  When you do a complete overhaul on your life with new food, new workout routines, and eliminating tons of things you used to do, it gets overwhelming.  

When you keep things simple, your goals become manageable and results will show up through consistency.  

Simplify Workouts.  Just move anyway you like for at least 30 minutes a day.  Go on a walk, jump on a tramp, stretch, go to a class, do push ups and squats---any movement counts and some exercise is better than no movement at all!  BodyGym is my favorite go-to since I can do it when and where I want.  Women underestimate how important strength training is to their health, not to mention inch loss.  Experts are now saying it's as crucial as getting yearly exams.  Strength training is necessary for our health--and in my case, my happiness and mental sanity!

Make it easy on yourself by scheduling it a week at a time.  Get out your calendar or phone and write in appointments that work for you.  Treat it like any other important appointment you schedule.  Write in exactly what you'll do for your workout--a walk, body weight exercises, swim, etc..  This takes the guess work out once the time comes around.  

Keep Food Simple. Have a protein or two on hand at all times.  If you've got eggs and chicken in your fridge all you need to do it grab a few vegetables and you've got yourself a simple meal.  How easy is it to make an omelet or throw together a salad, taco or soup with just a few food items?  Cook in large batches so you only have to do it sparingly, but you can eat off that meal a few times.

Do What Works for You.  Keep yourself focused on your needs and your goals.  Eat only foods you love, move in ways that your body loves and trust that if you have joy in the process you'll continue to do it.  Consistency, not deprivation is what leads to success.  I hope you can simplify your eating and exercise so you'll continue to keep some of these New Years habits going all year long.  If for whatever reason you didn't start improving your health January 1st, it's never to late to start.  It's an awesome thing that simple leads to results!

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