2018 BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge


I hope your holidays were full of fun, family, friends and great memories.  It's 2018 and that means it's time for YOU to make your health a priority.  

Last year I did a little segment with KSL featuring my online BodyJoy Slim Down Program. Sarah's  featured journey is so inspiring.  Back then she had dropped 85 lbs. and over this past year she's made even more progress.  I'm excited for her to hit her overall goal size, and at the rate she's going I think she'll do it before the 7-week New Years challenge is over.  


The only difference between you and Sarah is that she applies my simple strategies and adapts them to fit her life on a daily basis. YOU too can see results by deciding that NOW is YOUR time and begin,  just like Sarah did!

There's only 3 more days to register for my 2018 New Year BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge since we start Monday, January 8.  You can participate from any location since it's Facebook-based!  Use the next 7 weeks following my simple, doable strategies to make your 2018 the healthiest year yet!  All ages, genders and fitness levels participate.  

The program has two options this year.

1.  Participating in the challenge program.


2. Participating in challenge AND including my exclusive Silver Fern Brand probiotic bundle (over $160 savings vs. buying the products elsewhere).   Participants who used these last year dropped an additional 2" above the  those who didn't use the probiotic.  

My winners lost around 20 lbs. AND 20 inches, and as a group  (100 people), the overall average drop was 7 inches and 7 pounds!  If you're interested in more  details or would like to see the Silver Fern Brand bundle they're found at www.mindybuxton.com under the "learn more" button.

You can register at www.mindybuxton.com as well!   The deadline is this Friday, January 5 so you can get all the program information before our start date.  Space is limited, so I'm happy to add you to the spring challenge once this one fills.

The Facebook LIVE Kick Off Meeting will be Saturday, January 6 in the private group feed.   I look forward to helping you achieve results and experiencing BodyJoy in 2018.  Give me 7 weeks, and I'll give you RESULTS!

Here's to a year of progress, success and joy!

Accountability Determines Your Success!

Thank you to all who attended my BodyJoy Wellness Retreat at La Costa Resort a few weeks ago.  It was a fabulous weekend of celebrating the 3 main BodyJoy principles: Mind, Movement & Meals.  These principles are the foundation of my book and have turned into the successfully proven strategies I use in my Online BodyJoy Slim Down Challenges.  

Now that we’re heading into the heart of the holidays be sure to create a solid game plan and way to hold yourself accountable so you avoid the typical 7lb. gain between Halloween and New Years.  

Do you have a Halloween game plan?  Will you limit your celebration to just 1 day?  What's your plan for keeping your environment full of foods that give you results?  Where will you store all that Halloween candy come Nov. 1 so it doesn't find it's way into your mouth every time you look at it?

If you do great at making your game plan, but then after one week give up on it because you haven’t stuck to it the way you hoped---you're a perfect candidate for my Holiday BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge.  Take the stress off yourself and let me coach you to a successful, healthy body while you celebrate this holiday season!

Starting Monday, Nov. 6 my group will spend 6 weeks checking in daily to the private Facebook feed which has a meal strategy that keeps you full and off sugar because you’ll be eating foods that not only kill those cravings but satisfy you mentality.  

Why will you be so satisfied?   Because it’s not DIETY, no-calorie foods!  You get real food, real flavor, really simple!  I have recipes, a Thanksgiving menu, workouts and best of all, you get to customize the strategies to YOU and what YOU love and what YOU know gives YOU results! 

The daily check-in is THE greatest factor to keeping you on track.  My community of participants shares tips, tricks, meal pictures, food suggestions and support for when you need it most.   Participants are from all over the states, not just from Utah where I live!  

It’s not your ability that determines success; it’s your accountability that determines success!  This is why most of my online participants are going on several years of either maintaining their lost inches and fat or continually dropping inches and fat.  They are accountable to me and this awesome support group on a DAILY basis.  It's simple but so important to achieving results!

All of us need assistance on our fitness path.  Even trainers use trainers to keep us accountable and on track to improving.  There’s no shame in needing accountability or someone to help keep you moving in the right direction.  We’re in this together and I’d love to personally work with you!

Join me to end 2017 on a success!  You’ll be so empowered knowing that if you can drop inches and fat during the holidays, you can do it any time of year!  Registration closes November 2.  The group goes live that weekend and we begin tracking Monday, Nov. 6.   If you have any questions about the Challenge, you can watch an informative video and register at www.mindybuxton.com.  

Here's to a fit and fabulous holiday season!

Mindy's Simple & Healthier Nut Butter Cups


It's no secret how much sugar affects our health and body goals.  The hardest part of staying consistent with a healthy lifestyle is giving up "treats".  What if you didn't have to give up treats?  What if you swapped out just a few ingredients so your treats support your goals rather than sabotage AND they still taste great?

By swapping out sugar for ingredients with flavor and nutrients, you'll have an easier time making and keeping results that you've worked so hard for.

This Silver Fern Brand Kakato Sweetener is the only sugar replacement that my body loves.  I hate the way sugar alcohol's, agave, and many of the other replacements taste, affect my recipes or make me feel.  Research now shows most of those are unhealthy!  Even though they don't contain sugar, their highly processed ingredients affect gut inflammation due to aggravating chemicals.  

Kakato Sweetener is a mix of pre and probiotics, stevia and monk fruit extract.  I love it because it doesn't change the way my recipe is meant to taste and it doesn't affect my stomach the way those other replacements always have!  

Mindy's Simple & Healthier Nut Butter Cups

Makes 24 mini muffin tin sized cups

Calories 60, Carbs. 2.6, Fat 7.5g, Protein 1.8g *


2 scoops Silver Fern Brand KAI Meal Shake Chocolate Flavor

8 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

1 Tsp. Silver Fern Brand Kakato Sweetener

8 Tsp. Any Nut butter (I used my cashew/almond butter )


Spray mini muffin tins with non-stick spray

Microwave in a glass bowl 1 scoop of protein powder, 4 Tbsp. coconut oil, 1/2 tsp. Kakato sweetener until just melted.  Stir and spoon out a little melted chocolate into the muffin tins--this amount fills all 24 tins.

Freeze for 1-2 hours.

Remove from tins from freezer and using your Tsp., scoop out and add 1 tsp. of nut butter into each tin.  Microwave the remaining 1 scoop of protein powder, 4 Tbsp. coconut oil, 1/2 tsp. Kakato sweetener until just melted.  Stir and top off a little melted chocolate onto the  nut butter.  

Freeze another 1-2 hours, remove from freeze and pop out the nut butter cups by turning tins upside down on counter.  Store in a baggie in the freezer.  (They're a bit softer and separate a little when stored in the fridge.)

*Calories based on an almond nut butter

If you need just a little treat that can help you stay on your healthy lifestyle plan give these a try!  

Silver Fern offer's my clients a discount by using the code Mindy10 or BODYJOY10.  I've linked the ingredients so you can easily find them on the bottom of my home page www.mindybuxton.com. Thank you Silver Fern for giving us the best pricing compared to amazon or their direct website!

They're a Utah based company who uses quality ingredients and cares about helping other's improve their health.  That's why I use Silver Fern Brand items to create healthier swaps for my family!  




Try Green Spanish Eggs... Simple, Creative & Healthy!

One of my BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge participants, Alba went to Spain last year.  She's been making the most incredible Spanish Eggs and sharing them with me ever since. Today I decided to use the chopped veggies from my St. Patrick's Day "All Things Green Salad" (recipe posted just a few days ago on my blog www.mindybuxton.com) and toss them in a skillet with two 🍳 eggs and six egg whites. 

This was a simple, fast meal thanks to having pre-cut veggies on hand!  It's a delicious option worth trying anytime you have less than 30 minutes.  It saves great in the fridge for a few days and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I'm a huge fan of cooking once but eating several times!  This makes 4-6 servings: plus, kids & husband approved!  (Even with sneaking in a few veggies they normally don't eat, everyone cleaned their plates and my oldest daughter ate it twice today!)

💚 Preheat oven to 350 while sautéeing chopped veggies (use any you have on hand) on med-high heat in olive oil or spray for about 5-7 minutes 

💚 Wisk eggs & egg whites with salt, pepper & basil seasoning into a bowl, pour into skillet over the veggies & cook for about 5 mins

💚 Finish in over at 350 for 10-15 minutes! 

WAHOOO!!! I am so excited about my results this week! I am down 8.8lbs!!! (Yay for getting rid of bloat from soda etc). I also got 271 points this week, this includes the points for my weight dropped.
— Kirin K., March BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge Week 1 Results

If you want to see what my BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge is all about, go to www.mindybuxton.com.  Details for the challenge and the awesome probiotics & protein powder are found here.  I love how the Silver Fern Brand probiotics are helping people get even better results by reducing sugar cravings and rebalancing gut issues.  Use the discount code Mindy10 for the best pricing on any Silver Fern Brand items and ELEVATE your results by clicking the picture on my website.

I'm adding participants for the May challenge waiting list.  You can register directly on my website by clicking the "sign up" button.

Mug Cake for Breakfast? Yes Please!!!

Yes I'm a trainer, but sometimes I just want dessert for breakfast.  Am I the only one?  My Silver Fern Protein Mug Cake is the best way to enjoy something truly decadent while getting in my protein.  The greatest part, there's no added sugar but this is perfectly sweet.  I've been known to enjoy this for lunch, dinner or a snack as well!  

Thanks to Cenavi Chocolate Flats, I only need 1/2 a square to get warm, gooey, melted chocolate that allows me to have this daily if I want.  Bonus: you never feel deprived because this fits into a healthy lifestyle AND you'll still fit into your favorite jeans!  

 Here's the recipe...

Mindy's Silver Fern Mug Cake

  • 1 Scoop Silver Fern Brand Chocolate Protein Shake (I've also used their Chocolate Mint flavor which is fabulous!)
  • 1 tbsp, Coconut Flour
  • .50 tsp, Baking Powder
  • 1 tbsp(s), Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened
  • .25 Cup, Vanilla Coconut Milk (or milk of your choice)
  • 1 tsp,  Kakato Natural Sweetener  (or sweetener of your choice)
  • 1 large, Egg (or egg substitute)
  • 1 tbsp. Almond Extract (or vanilla)

Add all the dry ingredients in a microwaveable mug or bowl, mix well.  Add the milk, egg & extract into your dry ingredients and stir until well mixed.  Microwave for 1:30 seconds.  

Break up 1/2 a Cenavi Chocolate Flat to sprinkle on top (only 35 cals.).  Optional:  I add a dollop of SoDelicious Coconut Whipped Cream (only 30 cals.).  

Nutrition Facts: 247 cals., 11g fat, 20 g. carb., 21g protein.  You can adapt the calories by using egg whites only or making any other substitutions to your liking.  

Rest assured this is husband and kid approved.  Both the whey and plant-based protein powders work great, plus you can change the flavor to your preference.  Silver Fern's vanilla and cookies & cream protein flavors are a big hit with my girls as well as the chocolate and chocolate mint (my personal fav)!  


By using the coupon code Mindy10 you can go to www.mindybuxton.com where you'll see the Silver Fern box at the bottom of my home page.  This code will get you the best prices for any of these 3 items mentioned or your favorite Silver Fern Brand foods.  

4 weeks of the BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge...

Sign up for my March BodyJoy Slim Down challenge at www.mindybuxton.com.  Registration closes February 26.  See how many inches you can drop in only 4 weeks!  Share this Blog Post on your page for a chance to win a free spot!  Winner will be announced by March 1.




A Winning Idea for the Upcoming Big Game!


Greetings Fitness Friends,

As a pouting Denver Bronco fan, I  just realized that the BIG GAME is this upcoming weekend.  I thought I’d pass on my simple, option-loaded, Ceviche recipe that can be enjoyed several different ways.  

Regardless if you prepare this dish or your own recipe, I challenge you to prepare one thing healthier at this year's football party!  Remember to have a few health food options along side those  treats we all enjoy!  There's room for both, right?!?!

Mindy’s Ceviche Recipe

Preparation time: 15 minutes to prepare, let soak overnight in fridge.


1 lb. of raw shrimp chopped (you can also use mahi-mahi, red snapper or halibut)

2 fresh squeezed limes (use juice)

             1/2 red onion, finely diced

             ½ cucumber diced

             1 chopped fresh tomato

 Fresh cilantro to taste

 ½ avocado diced

               5 Tbsp. fresh salsa


In a glass casserole dish, either Pyrex or ceramic, place the fish, onion, tomatoes, salsa, cucumber and cilantro. Squeeze in lime juice. Stir well, making sure the fish gets exposed to the acidic lime juice. Let sit for several hours in the fridge, giving time for the flavors to blend.  (My daughter adds a splash of her favorite hot sauce!) ALSO, if you leave the avocado pit in the mix it won’t turn brown.

Creative Serving Options

Serve with chopped cilantro and slices of avocado with heated tortillas

Serve in romaine lettuce leaves or over a bed of green for salad style

Serve over cut cucumbers as cucumber nachos

Serve in hard shells for ceviche tacos

Serve on a tostada shell

Serve nacho style with tortilla chips

Use ceviche as your veggie dip or chip dip


Serves 8. Approx. 80 calories per serving of the fish ceviche mix.

By popular demand, I'll be sending my BodyGym Football Challenge out at the end of the week to give you a fun option for enjoying the BIG game! I hope you have a happy and healthy week! 

For a few more free recipes go to www.mindybuxton.com to sign up for my Most Made's Recipes!

Elevating Your Treats

My online BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge includes 7 simple strategies. I don't believe in extreme rules or restrictions, just smart concepts that've been proven to help you hit your goal.  One strategy I focus on is eliminating processed sugar & artificial sweeteners.  I encourage participants to aim for 6 or less grams of sugar so they can eat it more mindfully.  We avoid sugar alcohols and look for stevia, monk fruit extract or other fruit as a smart alternative.

Use these tips taken from my  Recipe E-Book.  

Make your own homemade ice cream by doing ½ the sugar amount the recipe calls for. Use coconut sugar rather than white sugar. You'll love the flavor it adds not to mention the nutrients!

Try using in-season fresh fruit chopped or sliced as a simple, fast, delicious dessert.  Think fruit bowl once in a while!

I enjoy slicing fresh apples or pears in a bowl.  I sprinkle them with cinnamon and a little Silver Fern Brand vanilla protein powder, adda bit of vanilla or almond extract and microwave for 2 minutes.  Sometimes I add just a pinch of sea salt.  You can drizzle melted peanut butter, sprinkle with chocolate protein powder or melt a little chocolate over yours as well.  That leads me to my favorite option...chocolate!

Sometimes we just need a taste of something intense to get satisfaction.  Think quality of flavor vs. quantity!  I love great quality chocolate such as Cenavi Chocolate Bark or the Theo Organic Mint Chocolate bar.  Just a piece or two can satisfy my craving for something sweet.  

You have to try the Cranberry, Blueberry & Ginger Cenavi bark!  It's my absolute favorite.  I love how I don't even need a full serving, just a small piece to get the sweet fix I need so I can keep my cravings under control. I love that these barks have probiotics and fiber in them but taste like "regular" chocolate.  They offer 3 delicious flavors!  Treats should be savored with each taste and enjoyed without guilt, right?!?!

When you ELEVATE your idea of treats, you find you can enjoy them without sacrificing your goals.  Remember it's not about perfection, deprivation, or being extreme. There's room for treats in moderation.  

Through the month of January, use the coupon code SIlverFern10 for a discount on any protein powder or chocolate bark items found by clicking the chocolate above. I bet these chocolate barks will become your new favorite!  I've added a link to my website on the bottom right  just to make it  easier for you to find.  Watch for my upcoming FaceBook LIVE for more ELEVATED treat ideas!