Real Life Heros!

I grew up wearing Wonder Woman Underoo’s and watching Linda Carter on T.V..  I still think she’s pretty awesome, but it’s funny how as an adult none of my hero’s wear capes anymore.  Between the new Wonder Woman movie and training for the Huntsman 140 bike ride I’ve had some time to reflect on the many hero’s in my life. 

Watching someone be told, “you have cancer”; watching them try to live life after being injected full of Chemo; or watching a woman sit stoically in a chair while her head is being shaved automatically turns them into your hero.  Cancer has taught me more about courage, sacrifice and the unlimited potential of the human body than anything else I've witnessed in life.

Cancer began rocking my world as a senior in high school when I lost my grandpa to leukemia.  Both of my parents are cancer survivors and I lost one of my best friends to melanoma at the age of 25.    I've lost clients, friends, and loved one's in addition to watching so many around me be affected through their own cancer experiences. Cancer changes your life—regardless if you’re one with cancer or if you’re the one feelingly so helpless sitting along side your loved one in this modern day battle.

This picture above was taken from the Ride from Reno team.  At Sacramento Pass, names of loved ones who we honor in remembrance or who we support right now are written in chalk to inspire riders that we all can do hard things. This is a pretty powerful WHY incase you need a reason to take care of your body and health!

This picture represents MY people.  They're who I’m honoring and riding for this weekend.  Some are family members, friends and two are are even strangers.  It doesn’t matter our relationship; they’ve inspired me by the way they hero through life. My REAL LIFE HEROS don’t wear capes.

This weekend take time to tell your loved one’s how much they mean to you.  Regardless of the battles you might be facing in life, remember that YOU can do hard things too.  I look forward to the day when there’s a cure for cancer.  I’m grateful for a healthy body that is able to participate in such an important cause.  Thank you Vicki Linton for inspiring me to join Warriors on Wheels and for the tireless work you and your family dedicate to cancer awareness and support.  I’m honored to be able to ride with you this Saturday!  

I'd love if you shared this post on your personal pages and encourage others to donate the last 2 days of fundraising.  I'm looking forward to showing you a sneak peak of the Primary Children's Cancer Center before it opens to the public!  Watch for my upcoming Facebook live.  

3 Tips to a Healthier Summer

I love the fact that school's out, but summer can be challenging in keeping needed structure when it comes to our health.  Here's 3 tips to help you stay healthy and happy as you enjoy the sunshine, freedom from carpools and being outdoors.  

Keep a regular sleep routine as much as possible.  If sleep is out of wack, expect your body and life to be out of wack!  Do what you can to get your rest by having a summer bedtime schedule.  Our kids need this too!  Perhaps the weekdays can be set at a reasonable bedtime rather than treating every day as if there's no curfew.  Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep so your hormones can balance, your body can repair and burn fat to help you feel and look your best.  A great day begins with a great night's sleep!  In The BodyJoy Plan I list 5 major things that can negatively affect sleep.

  • Caffeine after 2pm
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Brain stimulation from electronics or any stress
  • Eating too much food in the evening

Workout at least 4 days a week.  Get outside and be active with you friends and family.  Use your BodyGym when you travel.  I take mine everywhere I go!  It's the best for having a strength training option.  I've mentioned before how I think strength training is THE most important form of exercise!  You NEED it to shrink inches and fat.  To order your own BodyGym or to see some exercise ideas go to their website .  Be sure to follow them on Instagram @thebodygym too.

Make meals simple and easy.  A few tips I shared earlier this year can be found in this post!  Eating healthy doesn't need to be time consuming and high maintenance.  Eggs, vegetables and fruits can be simple and filling.  They're even portable to take to the pool, work or in the car running errands.  

Focusing on a few manageable actions will improve your health, decrease your inches and give you greater BodyJoy!

Giveaway Time...

For a chance to win a FREE BodyGym and FREE The BodyJoy Plan book, share this post on your Facebook  or Instagram today!  Tag your friends to sign up for my FREE recipes on and I'll announce the winner this weekend!  More tags give you more entries!  I did restock more copies of The BodyJoy Plan for those of you wanting a helpful but light summer read!  They're in the Proshop at the LifeCentre Athletic Club.

La Costa Resort Update...

Rooms are already being booked and flights are being reserved so I wanted you to know a few more details...

You reserve your room directly with the hotel.  

LaCoasta's PHONE # is: (760) 438-9111. Just say you're with the BodyJoy Wellness Retreat and they'll book the discounted room rate for you.  Email me at once you've booked your room and let me know,  I'll add you to the retreat communications so you get the latest updates and information.

When it gets closer to the retreat I'll invoice you for the retreat fee since I don't have to pay for meals and spaces until then. The schedule is outlined and is available if you'd like to see it! My last BLOG post has all the retreat details incase you missed it!

We'll be starting around 6pm Thursday evening and having activities through Saturday night.  Check-out is around 11am Sunday but feel free to extend your check out or stay as long as you'd like using the amenities until your flight!

I'm so looking forward to this get away and would love if you get to come too!  People are coming as couples, mom & daughter groups and neighbors. Participants have mentioned they're finding great deals on SouthWest and Alaska Air into San Diego for this particular weekend!