2018 BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge


I hope your holidays were full of fun, family, friends and great memories.  It's 2018 and that means it's time for YOU to make your health a priority.  

Last year I did a little segment with KSL featuring my online BodyJoy Slim Down Program. Sarah's  featured journey is so inspiring.  Back then she had dropped 85 lbs. and over this past year she's made even more progress.  I'm excited for her to hit her overall goal size, and at the rate she's going I think she'll do it before the 7-week New Years challenge is over.  


The only difference between you and Sarah is that she applies my simple strategies and adapts them to fit her life on a daily basis. YOU too can see results by deciding that NOW is YOUR time and begin,  just like Sarah did!

There's only 3 more days to register for my 2018 New Year BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge since we start Monday, January 8.  You can participate from any location since it's Facebook-based!  Use the next 7 weeks following my simple, doable strategies to make your 2018 the healthiest year yet!  All ages, genders and fitness levels participate.  

The program has two options this year.

1.  Participating in the challenge program.


2. Participating in challenge AND including my exclusive Silver Fern Brand probiotic bundle (over $160 savings vs. buying the products elsewhere).   Participants who used these last year dropped an additional 2" above the  those who didn't use the probiotic.  

My winners lost around 20 lbs. AND 20 inches, and as a group  (100 people), the overall average drop was 7 inches and 7 pounds!  If you're interested in more  details or would like to see the Silver Fern Brand bundle they're found at www.mindybuxton.com under the "learn more" button.

You can register at www.mindybuxton.com as well!   The deadline is this Friday, January 5 so you can get all the program information before our start date.  Space is limited, so I'm happy to add you to the spring challenge once this one fills.

The Facebook LIVE Kick Off Meeting will be Saturday, January 6 in the private group feed.   I look forward to helping you achieve results and experiencing BodyJoy in 2018.  Give me 7 weeks, and I'll give you RESULTS!

Here's to a year of progress, success and joy!

Accountability Determines Your Success!

Thank you to all who attended my BodyJoy Wellness Retreat at La Costa Resort a few weeks ago.  It was a fabulous weekend of celebrating the 3 main BodyJoy principles: Mind, Movement & Meals.  These principles are the foundation of my book and have turned into the successfully proven strategies I use in my Online BodyJoy Slim Down Challenges.  

Now that we’re heading into the heart of the holidays be sure to create a solid game plan and way to hold yourself accountable so you avoid the typical 7lb. gain between Halloween and New Years.  

Do you have a Halloween game plan?  Will you limit your celebration to just 1 day?  What's your plan for keeping your environment full of foods that give you results?  Where will you store all that Halloween candy come Nov. 1 so it doesn't find it's way into your mouth every time you look at it?

If you do great at making your game plan, but then after one week give up on it because you haven’t stuck to it the way you hoped---you're a perfect candidate for my Holiday BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge.  Take the stress off yourself and let me coach you to a successful, healthy body while you celebrate this holiday season!

Starting Monday, Nov. 6 my group will spend 6 weeks checking in daily to the private Facebook feed which has a meal strategy that keeps you full and off sugar because you’ll be eating foods that not only kill those cravings but satisfy you mentality.  

Why will you be so satisfied?   Because it’s not DIETY, no-calorie foods!  You get real food, real flavor, really simple!  I have recipes, a Thanksgiving menu, workouts and best of all, you get to customize the strategies to YOU and what YOU love and what YOU know gives YOU results! 

The daily check-in is THE greatest factor to keeping you on track.  My community of participants shares tips, tricks, meal pictures, food suggestions and support for when you need it most.   Participants are from all over the states, not just from Utah where I live!  

It’s not your ability that determines success; it’s your accountability that determines success!  This is why most of my online participants are going on several years of either maintaining their lost inches and fat or continually dropping inches and fat.  They are accountable to me and this awesome support group on a DAILY basis.  It's simple but so important to achieving results!

All of us need assistance on our fitness path.  Even trainers use trainers to keep us accountable and on track to improving.  There’s no shame in needing accountability or someone to help keep you moving in the right direction.  We’re in this together and I’d love to personally work with you!

Join me to end 2017 on a success!  You’ll be so empowered knowing that if you can drop inches and fat during the holidays, you can do it any time of year!  Registration closes November 2.  The group goes live that weekend and we begin tracking Monday, Nov. 6.   If you have any questions about the Challenge, you can watch an informative video and register at www.mindybuxton.com.  

Here's to a fit and fabulous holiday season!

My Travel Trifecta


Happy October!  I hope your transition into fall has been fabulous.  This is actually my favorite time of year.  I feel more of a sense of  renewal, recommitment and desire to improve vs. any other time--even more than at the New Year.

I’ve been asked about staying healthy and true to my lifestyle while traveling so I thought I’d share a few items I take with me regardless if I’m out of town overnight or for an extended period of time.  

These 3 items save me from losing ground on the health and fitness results I work so hard towards.

Let’s Talk TREATS!

Keeping it real, we have to have treats as part of our healthy lifestyle right?!?!?  These keep us IN our healthy lifestyle.  We don’t feel deprived when we have options that are satisfying AND help us see keep our results. 

I take these single serving Cenavi 70% Dark Chocolate Flats with me in my gym bag or purse.  Rather than munching on sugary cookies, pretzels or whatever else is offered on a plane or at the gas stations, I enjoy a chocolate square.  I love how these are low sugar but taste like the real deal!  They’re rich and indulgent so one is really all I need (most of the time!).  

I use these at restaurants too.  Don’t you hate it when the dessert looks so much better than it actually tastes?  Sadly, most of the time this is the case so rather than eating what’s served, I pull out my chocolate treat and enjoy every single bite of it while other’s are eating that “less than amazing” dessert just because it's on the table. 

Probiotics to the Rescue

It’s no secret our bodies get out of their routine when we travel.  At those moments, we all could use a little help to feel and function our best while on the road.

Amazing benefits of the Silver Fern Brand Ultimate Probiotic include:

·       Improved digestion and food tolerance

·       Reduced gas, bloating and digestive discomfort

·       Aided recovery of the flora after antibiotic use

·       Supported nutrient absorption

·       Reduced inflammation

·       Improved favorable immune response and reduction of allergies and asthma

·       Improved regularity of bowel movements

·       Supported growth of good bacteria

The best thing about these probiotics is they actually are what the label states!  PLUS, they're shelf stable which means you don’t have to worry about refrigerating them so they can be tossed right in your carry on with you!  Without geeking out on the research, I love them because these are…

·       100% guaranteed survivability

·       Independent, 3rd party lab proven survivability results

·       3rd party DNA verification of the strains

·       3 university tested bacillus species

·       Contain a prebiotic to help activate the probiotic bacteria in the intestines

I’ve done my research and these are the one thing my family and I take on a daily basis—ESPECIALLY while traveling!

Silver Fern Protein Shakes vs. Getting Hangry

Having a baggie of protein powder comes in handy when you need an actual meal but you don’t love the choices being offered .  Whether you’re on a plane, in a business meeting or you just don’t have access to food YOU’D like, this is easy and low maintenance when you’re in a bind.  All you need is a cup or water bottle!

Besides the fact this is the best tasting, highest nutrient powder I’ve found, it mixes great in just a bottle of water.   I've even used the chocolate flavored protein in hot water and it tastes like a hot chocolate!  Who else totally freezes on airplanes?!?!?

There you have it: my Travel Trifecta! These are my non-negotiables that go with me on every trip.  I keep them in my carry on and in my purse at all times.  

Have you had any experience with these items yet?  What do YOU do to stay close to your healthy lifestyle while you travel?  

As I'm getting ready to pack for my upcoming BodyJoy Retreat I’ll be sharing a few more "grab & go" ideas soon!  Until then, I hope these items help you on your next travel adventure, work trip or weekend get away!  

Holiday BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge

Would you like to actually drop inches, size and weight this holiday season?  Sign up for the last BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge of 2017!  The Holiday Challenge runs Nov. 6-Dec. 17.  Learn how to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season while taking care of your health and improving your fitness.  Participants drop and average of 5 lbs. & 7" because of the private online Facebook Group, double workouts, delicious food ideas & effectively simple strategies.  Register by going to my website www.mindybuxton.com.   


Real Life Heros!

I grew up wearing Wonder Woman Underoo’s and watching Linda Carter on T.V..  I still think she’s pretty awesome, but it’s funny how as an adult none of my hero’s wear capes anymore.  Between the new Wonder Woman movie and training for the Huntsman 140 bike ride I’ve had some time to reflect on the many hero’s in my life. 

Watching someone be told, “you have cancer”; watching them try to live life after being injected full of Chemo; or watching a woman sit stoically in a chair while her head is being shaved automatically turns them into your hero.  Cancer has taught me more about courage, sacrifice and the unlimited potential of the human body than anything else I've witnessed in life.

Cancer began rocking my world as a senior in high school when I lost my grandpa to leukemia.  Both of my parents are cancer survivors and I lost one of my best friends to melanoma at the age of 25.    I've lost clients, friends, and loved one's in addition to watching so many around me be affected through their own cancer experiences. Cancer changes your life—regardless if you’re one with cancer or if you’re the one feelingly so helpless sitting along side your loved one in this modern day battle.

This picture above was taken from the Ride from Reno team.  At Sacramento Pass, names of loved ones who we honor in remembrance or who we support right now are written in chalk to inspire riders that we all can do hard things. This is a pretty powerful WHY incase you need a reason to take care of your body and health!

This picture represents MY people.  They're who I’m honoring and riding for this weekend.  Some are family members, friends and two are are even strangers.  It doesn’t matter our relationship; they’ve inspired me by the way they hero through life. My REAL LIFE HEROS don’t wear capes.

This weekend take time to tell your loved one’s how much they mean to you.  Regardless of the battles you might be facing in life, remember that YOU can do hard things too.  I look forward to the day when there’s a cure for cancer.  I’m grateful for a healthy body that is able to participate in such an important cause.  Thank you Vicki Linton for inspiring me to join Warriors on Wheels and for the tireless work you and your family dedicate to cancer awareness and support.  I’m honored to be able to ride with you this Saturday!  

I'd love if you shared this post on your personal pages and encourage others to donate the last 2 days of fundraising.  I'm looking forward to showing you a sneak peak of the Primary Children's Cancer Center before it opens to the public!  Watch for my upcoming Facebook live.  

7 Days CAN Make a Difference!

This weekend I join an amazing team of people riding to raise money for Cancer Treatment.  You can support us by donating  here  before Friday!

This weekend I join an amazing team of people riding to raise money for Cancer Treatment.  You can support us by donating here before Friday!

This month I did a complete overhaul on my BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge.  I've learned so much the past few months being part of a private study based on scientific research with clinical nutritionists, registered dietitians, scientists, and functional & traditional medical professionals.  Now that I know better, I had to incorporate it to help others KNOW and DO better too!

Here's a comment from one of my new participants who dropped 5.6lbs. in 7 days...

“I'm actually really proud of myself for week one and super motivated by the results. I found ways to eat things I do enjoy by putting it in my log and making decisions around that. Planning ahead of time has really been key….I thought that I would have a harder time staying within 3-4 meals a day, but I end up being so full. In fact, it made me not crave treats because I was so full. I also found on busier times how to pack the right food that I need. Tonight we have a BBQ so I'm taking my own sides and logged the chicken before hand. This week my goal was to make dinner meals that my family and I can eat together but maybe I have less sides etc. It's hard with a house of all boys...most trying to put on weight. Thanks so much Mindy. This really has been an eyeopening experience.” Marni R.  

Because Marni is eating real food and adequate amounts of calories I know she didn't starve herself the past 7 days.  Inflammation from food is a REAL problem that most people don't realize.  Removing those possible foods decreases bloating and water retention, an can even decrease pain as well as help burn body fat.  Results aren't just about calories, they're about nutrients and other important factors too!

If you don't think 7 days can make a difference, try making just one change and do it consistently for 1 week!  I promise you'll have a positive result that can fuel your motivation to continue the process.  The hardest part is actually starting!  So today, commit to your one change.  Use your BodyGym daily, replace your soda with 64 oz. of water (infused with sea salt and fresh squeezed lemon or lime), watch your portion sizes are just a few ideas!

Tell me what you'll do different and next week by commenting below then check in to share your progress!  I'll keep you updated on my June participants because they're going to be right there with you making the next 7 days successful too!  

3 Tips to a Healthier Summer

I love the fact that school's out, but summer can be challenging in keeping needed structure when it comes to our health.  Here's 3 tips to help you stay healthy and happy as you enjoy the sunshine, freedom from carpools and being outdoors.  

Keep a regular sleep routine as much as possible.  If sleep is out of wack, expect your body and life to be out of wack!  Do what you can to get your rest by having a summer bedtime schedule.  Our kids need this too!  Perhaps the weekdays can be set at a reasonable bedtime rather than treating every day as if there's no curfew.  Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep so your hormones can balance, your body can repair and burn fat to help you feel and look your best.  A great day begins with a great night's sleep!  In The BodyJoy Plan I list 5 major things that can negatively affect sleep.

  • Caffeine after 2pm
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Brain stimulation from electronics or any stress
  • Eating too much food in the evening

Workout at least 4 days a week.  Get outside and be active with you friends and family.  Use your BodyGym when you travel.  I take mine everywhere I go!  It's the best for having a strength training option.  I've mentioned before how I think strength training is THE most important form of exercise!  You NEED it to shrink inches and fat.  To order your own BodyGym or to see some exercise ideas go to their website www.bodygym.com .  Be sure to follow them on Instagram @thebodygym too.

Make meals simple and easy.  A few tips I shared earlier this year can be found in this post http://www.mindybuxton.com/blog-collection/2017/1/17/keep-it-simple!  Eating healthy doesn't need to be time consuming and high maintenance.  Eggs, vegetables and fruits can be simple and filling.  They're even portable to take to the pool, work or in the car running errands.  

Focusing on a few manageable actions will improve your health, decrease your inches and give you greater BodyJoy!

Giveaway Time...

For a chance to win a FREE BodyGym and FREE The BodyJoy Plan book, share this post on your Facebook  or Instagram today!  Tag your friends to sign up for my FREE recipes on www.mindybuxton.com and I'll announce the winner this weekend!  More tags give you more entries!  I did restock more copies of The BodyJoy Plan for those of you wanting a helpful but light summer read!  They're in the Proshop at the LifeCentre Athletic Club.

La Costa Resort Update...

Rooms are already being booked and flights are being reserved so I wanted you to know a few more details...

You reserve your room directly with the hotel.  

LaCoasta's PHONE # is: (760) 438-9111. Just say you're with the BodyJoy Wellness Retreat and they'll book the discounted room rate for you.  Email me at www.mindybuxton.com once you've booked your room and let me know,  I'll add you to the retreat communications so you get the latest updates and information.

When it gets closer to the retreat I'll invoice you for the retreat fee since I don't have to pay for meals and spaces until then. The schedule is outlined and is available if you'd like to see it! My last BLOG post http://www.mindybuxton.com/blog-collection/2017/5/16/did-you-hear-the-big-news has all the retreat details incase you missed it!

We'll be starting around 6pm Thursday evening and having activities through Saturday night.  Check-out is around 11am Sunday but feel free to extend your check out or stay as long as you'd like using the amenities until your flight!

I'm so looking forward to this get away and would love if you get to come too!  People are coming as couples, mom & daughter groups and neighbors. Participants have mentioned they're finding great deals on SouthWest and Alaska Air into San Diego for this particular weekend!  


Did you hear the BIG news?

I'm happy to announce my BodyJoy Wellness Retreat is now hosted at La Costa Resort & Spa in beautiful Carlsbad, California!  

I'd love for you to join me October 12-15, 2017! 

Grab your girlfriends, mom, sisters or favorite female and come enjoy a well-deserved spa sabbatical at the #1 rated Wellness Resort in the world! 

The BodyJoy Wellness Retreat Includes

  • 3 nights at La Costa Resort & Spa
  • Breakfast & dinners in the top rated resort restaurants
  • Daily activities such as outdoor BodyGym workouts, hiking Torrey Pines, yoga and other workouts (appropriate for all fitness levels)
  • Daily Chopra Center Meditations
  • An off location lunch & learn workshop at a local restaurant
  • 1 entry to my EXCLUSIVE Retreat Giveaway for a Free 1-night stay at LaCosta
  • Spa services discount & relaxation time just for you!

The retreat fee is only $245  which includes everything listed above plus a BodyJoy Retreat swag bag.

Double Occupancy Room* rates are $215 per night (regularly $389) or $107 per person per night.    

I'd love you to Join me for a weekend of rest, fun, self-care and restorative movement in beautiful California.

Groups of girlfriends, mom & daughter groups, and individuals are all signing up to participate in this amazing experience, so forward this to anyone you'd like to attend with! 

For questions, retreat schedule or to register contact me at mindy@mindybuxton.com.

*Single occupancy rooms available as well! 

Space is limited at this event rate so register today!


Thank you Silver Fern Brand, BodyGym, Chatbooks, LifeCentre, Whole Foods, XR Nutrition and the other sponsors supporting the BodyJoy Wellness Retreat!

Here's a little sneak peak from some of my past visits at La Costa...

Save the date...The 2017 BodyJoy Retreat at La Costa Resort is coming this fall!

Hey Ladies…

Grab your girlfriends, mom, sisters or favorite female and come enjoy a well-deserved spa sabbatical at the #1 rated Wellness Resort in the world! 

My BodyJoy Wellness Retreat is now at La Costa Resort & Spa in beautiful Carlsbad, CA!

October 12-15, 2017

The BodyJoy Retreat Includes

  • 3 nights at the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort
  • Breakfasts & dinners at the top rated resort restaurants
  • Daily activities such as outdoor BodyGym workouts, hiking Torrey Pines, yoga and other workouts (appropriate for all fitness levels)
  • Daily Chopra Center Meditations
  • An off location lunch & learn workshop at a local restaurant
  • 1 entry to my EXCLUSIVE Retreat Giveaway for a Free 1-night stay at LaCosta
  • Spa services discount & relaxation time just for you!

The retreat fee is only $245  which includes everything listed above plus a BodyJoy Retreat swag bag.

Double Occupancy Room* $215 per night (regularly $389) or $107 per person per night.    

I'd love you to Join me for a weekend of rest, fun, self-care and restorative movement in beautiful California!  Groups of girlfriends, mom's & daughter groups, individuals are all signing up to participate in this amazing experience.

For questions, retreat schedule or to register contact me at mindy@mindybuxton.com.

*Single occupancy rooms available as well! 

 Thank you Silver Fern Brand, BodyGym, Chatbooks, LifeCentre, Whole Foods, and the other sponsors supporting the BodyJoy Wellness Retreat!  

Space is limited at this event rate so register today!


Slim Down Challenge participants Brenda & Nate Bennett are featured in People Magazine!  See my Instagram for how YOU can win a FREE spot starting June 5th or register at www.mindybuxton.com!

Tip #3 of Top 3

The past few weeks I've shared my top 3 tips in fitness since I turned 43 in April.  

1.  You're never stuck where you're at; your body can always improve!

2. If you only have one choice for exercise, choose strength training! 

And #3 is...

Focus on progress, not perfection!  This is the most important tip I constantly remind my clients and my challenge participants.  Perfection is so deceptive.  It's an unattainable state yet we're constantly expecting it of ourselves; especially when it comes to a fitness or food program.  

We all know this, but I think we forget so let me remind you...nobody is perfect, there is no perfect eating or workout plan and YOU don't have to be perfect to get results.  Perfectionism leads to self defeating thoughts, actions and literally prevents people from hitting their goal.  Focusing on perfect eating, exercise or any other area of life is a sure way to experience discouragement, frustration and unsupportive behaviors.

Try this...let go of perfectionism and replace it with progress instead.   Progress gives you so many opportunities to succeed because it isn't about only one option like perfectionism.  Progress can be made daily, at any moment and can keep your willpower and motivation strong since you have limitless opportunities to experience progress.

I love watching people change from a perfectionist mindset to being progress focused.  They're able to continue moving forward with their goals because they know one unhealthy decision isn't the end of the world or doesn't mean they're "off" their program now.  

There's hope in progress and that hope leads to more positive choices so you can actually experience joy while you're on the journey to hitting your goal vs. waiting to be happy once you achieve it.  It's possible to have the best of both worlds if progress is your driving force.

This is a simple but important concept to implement!  If you've experienced self-defeating moments of giving up on yourself because perfection has been your measuring stick, I have a challenge for you!  Give it one week---pay attention to all the little moments you experience progress (drinking water, walking more, getting in a workout, eating 1 vegetable, etc.) and see how that changes your actions.  

When you change your mindset, your body will follow.  I look forward to hearing about your progress as you continue on your personal fitness journey!  

Please share this on your Facebook page if you think it can help others with their fitness goals!  There's room for all of us to succeed!

June BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge

My June BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge begins Monday, June 5.  Space is almost full so register at www.mindybuxton.com by clicking the sign up button.  I have a wait list for the next 2 challenges, if you'd like to be added email me at mindy@mindybuxton.com.  I have an online only and live workouts option!  

An example of one participant's progress...congratulations Marie!

Mindy's Simple & Healthier Nut Butter Cups


It's no secret how much sugar affects our health and body goals.  The hardest part of staying consistent with a healthy lifestyle is giving up "treats".  What if you didn't have to give up treats?  What if you swapped out just a few ingredients so your treats support your goals rather than sabotage AND they still taste great?

By swapping out sugar for ingredients with flavor and nutrients, you'll have an easier time making and keeping results that you've worked so hard for.

This Silver Fern Brand Kakato Sweetener is the only sugar replacement that my body loves.  I hate the way sugar alcohol's, agave, and many of the other replacements taste, affect my recipes or make me feel.  Research now shows most of those are unhealthy!  Even though they don't contain sugar, their highly processed ingredients affect gut inflammation due to aggravating chemicals.  

Kakato Sweetener is a mix of pre and probiotics, stevia and monk fruit extract.  I love it because it doesn't change the way my recipe is meant to taste and it doesn't affect my stomach the way those other replacements always have!  

Mindy's Simple & Healthier Nut Butter Cups

Makes 24 mini muffin tin sized cups

Calories 60, Carbs. 2.6, Fat 7.5g, Protein 1.8g *


2 scoops Silver Fern Brand KAI Meal Shake Chocolate Flavor

8 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

1 Tsp. Silver Fern Brand Kakato Sweetener

8 Tsp. Any Nut butter (I used my cashew/almond butter )


Spray mini muffin tins with non-stick spray

Microwave in a glass bowl 1 scoop of protein powder, 4 Tbsp. coconut oil, 1/2 tsp. Kakato sweetener until just melted.  Stir and spoon out a little melted chocolate into the muffin tins--this amount fills all 24 tins.

Freeze for 1-2 hours.

Remove from tins from freezer and using your Tsp., scoop out and add 1 tsp. of nut butter into each tin.  Microwave the remaining 1 scoop of protein powder, 4 Tbsp. coconut oil, 1/2 tsp. Kakato sweetener until just melted.  Stir and top off a little melted chocolate onto the  nut butter.  

Freeze another 1-2 hours, remove from freeze and pop out the nut butter cups by turning tins upside down on counter.  Store in a baggie in the freezer.  (They're a bit softer and separate a little when stored in the fridge.)

*Calories based on an almond nut butter

If you need just a little treat that can help you stay on your healthy lifestyle plan give these a try!  

Silver Fern offer's my clients a discount by using the code Mindy10 or BODYJOY10.  I've linked the ingredients so you can easily find them on the bottom of my home page www.mindybuxton.com. Thank you Silver Fern for giving us the best pricing compared to amazon or their direct website!

They're a Utah based company who uses quality ingredients and cares about helping other's improve their health.  That's why I use Silver Fern Brand items to create healthier swaps for my family!  




Tip #2 of Top 3 for 43!

Number two of my 3 Best Tips series is Strength Train!  If you only have time for one type of exercise, do Strength Training!   Did you know your metabolism shifts in springtime and is managed by the hypothalamus, which is the brain region that chooses where energy should go and how much? In spring, energy supplies are sent to the more active areas of the body like the muscles, so this is a great time to devote yourself to strength exercises. 

Strength training can increase how many calories you burn at rest, it helps you shrink inches, it strengthens you inside and out and can even help you get a cardio burn if done with little rest.

It’s the best return on your time spent exercising and can be done anytime, anywhere with just body weight.  My favorites are push ups (you can do them off a wall or floor), squats, lunges, triceps dips (off floor or a chair), planks and lunges. 

I challenge you to get in these exercises at least 2 times in your day over the next few days so you can feel the positive benefits.  Do them in the middle of your day when you hit a slump, Do them when you think you’re hungry to distract you from eating out of habit.  Do them outside or in the office or kitchen.  There’s no need to even change into workout clothes—just start and do as many reps as you can at the times of day which work for you!

Know that small bouts of exercise like these few strength moves will help you look and feel your best.  That’s what BodyJoy is all about!

Registration for the May BodyJoy Slim Down Closes Friday, April 28!

"Fun Fact: I was not loving how tight my jeans were today, until I realized I had thrown on the smaller size I couldn't wear last month. That was better than finding $20 in my pocket."
Gwen S., BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge Participant

Don’t forget to register for my May BodyJoy Slim Down challenge!  Registration is closing so the information can go out to participants to get YOU ready for Monday’s start date.  www.mindybuxton.com

Top 3 Tips as I Celebrate 43!

I’m not a big birthday lover, but I sure appreciate the wisdom and knowledge I’ve learned with getting older.  Thinking back over the past year, I have 3 Top Tips that help us thrive and live true BodyJoy.  Why 3?  Because I’m now 43 which is “old” according to my teenagers but “still just a baby” according to my parents and 85 year old client.  It’s all relative, right?!?! I’ll be sending these tips out over then next few days so here’s #1…

You're never stuck where you're at; your body can always improve!  Your body can change at any given moment.  This is such a blessing!  I started my birthday last year being diagnosed with MRSA.  That bacteria and the protocol for eradicating it truly broke me more than any other health condition I’ve endured. 

I remember moments of wanting to give up and literally die during those harsh antibiotics and the daily visits to my Dr. to keep me from being hospitalized.   I never knew that side effects from antibiotics could be worse than the bacteria it was killing---but with MRSA they are.  I remember thinking I looked and felt the way my mom did when she was going through radiation or chemo—the only difference was I still had my hair. 

I had to physically start over with walking---just into another room---because I was so weak after 2 months of bed rest.  This experience gave me the opportunity to remember we should never underestimate the importance of starting small when it comes to improving your body and health.  The simple things like a walk, stretching and doing only 5 minutes of movement at a time made a huge difference in getting me back to just participating in life.  With consistency, I was able to build back up so I could return to my physically demanding job of personal training. 

MRSA might not be relatable, being frustrated with health and/or the body due to pain, sickness or conditions has affected us all at one point or another.  Regardless of your condition or how you feel now, there is always something you can do to feel better.  Starting small and easy is important vs. getting impatient and over doing movement or giving up completely because you feel like complete junk. 

I’m here to tell you that EVERY situation can be improved when it comes to your body or health. You’ll find the answers in the simple, basic things like standing, walking and stretching.  Anyone can do at least one of those things daily.  1 or 5 minutes will make a difference and common sense plays a key roll in progress. This is such a great thing because you don't need to be extreme or spend tons of time or money on looking for answers.  

Vegetables are necessary to nourish your body and can be eaten in 2 seconds because you don’t even need to cook most of them.  Water is essential for you to be your best--it's free and you have access to it anywhere you go.   Simple basics should be your first priority regardless of where you're at in health.

One year later, I can honestly say this is the healthiest I’ve been in my entire life.  My kids and T.J. roll their eyes at me because almost daily I comment that, "I’m so happy to be pain free" or "I’m so happy to be moving how I WANT to now" and that my life isn’t consumed with healing the way I’ve had to spend my time in past due to dis-ease. 

Sometimes our biggest challenges can bring bigger blessings once we put in the attention, time and honor what we need in that moment.  Consistency and mastering the basics are key to any success in life—especially when it comes to your health. 

Regardless if you’re health is thriving or if you’re in the worst situation you’ve experienced, know that by making small efforts daily you will improve.  Keep things simple and basic because it’s easy to get overwhelmed and impatient!  

Are you doing the basics?  Are you drinking at least 64oz of water each day?  Are you making sleep a priority?  Can you eat more vegetables?  Can you opt for baked or grilled vs. fried food?  You might now think these things are a big deal, but you'll realize by doing them they impact how you look and feel more than you expected.  

Know that YOU know your body better than any one.   Come up with 3 small things you can do for your body starting now.   You’ll be closer to creating a new experience and body!  Remember that only 1 minute of movement and 1 simple vegetable can make a difference! Your success is found in the basics!

Join my May BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge beginning Monday, May 1!

Register online at www.mindybuxton.com to join my 4 week May BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge.  I have less than 10 spots available and I'd love for you to be one of them before it closes this Thursday, April 27!  You'll eat real food, you won't diet & you customize my successful strategies so you keep your results long-term!

The official announcement from my last challenge with the winning results...

"Congratulations Kirin Kreb for being the March BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge Champion dropping an impressive 16" and 16.5lbs in 4 weeks!  Jennifer Tuttle Alle was in second place dropping 11" and 10 lbs. and Marie Mendenhal was third dropping 9.75" and 5 lbs.  You ladies have a free spot in the May BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge and Kirin will receive the Amazon gift card prize.    May registration is live on my website and spots are limited to 80.  The past 3 months have sold out so register soon!"




Try Green Spanish Eggs... Simple, Creative & Healthy!

One of my BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge participants, Alba went to Spain last year.  She's been making the most incredible Spanish Eggs and sharing them with me ever since. Today I decided to use the chopped veggies from my St. Patrick's Day "All Things Green Salad" (recipe posted just a few days ago on my blog www.mindybuxton.com) and toss them in a skillet with two 🍳 eggs and six egg whites. 

This was a simple, fast meal thanks to having pre-cut veggies on hand!  It's a delicious option worth trying anytime you have less than 30 minutes.  It saves great in the fridge for a few days and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I'm a huge fan of cooking once but eating several times!  This makes 4-6 servings: plus, kids & husband approved!  (Even with sneaking in a few veggies they normally don't eat, everyone cleaned their plates and my oldest daughter ate it twice today!)

💚 Preheat oven to 350 while sautéeing chopped veggies (use any you have on hand) on med-high heat in olive oil or spray for about 5-7 minutes 

💚 Wisk eggs & egg whites with salt, pepper & basil seasoning into a bowl, pour into skillet over the veggies & cook for about 5 mins

💚 Finish in over at 350 for 10-15 minutes! 

WAHOOO!!! I am so excited about my results this week! I am down 8.8lbs!!! (Yay for getting rid of bloat from soda etc). I also got 271 points this week, this includes the points for my weight dropped.
— Kirin K., March BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge Week 1 Results

If you want to see what my BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge is all about, go to www.mindybuxton.com.  Details for the challenge and the awesome probiotics & protein powder are found here.  I love how the Silver Fern Brand probiotics are helping people get even better results by reducing sugar cravings and rebalancing gut issues.  Use the discount code Mindy10 for the best pricing on any Silver Fern Brand items and ELEVATE your results by clicking the picture on my website.

I'm adding participants for the May challenge waiting list.  You can register directly on my website by clicking the "sign up" button.

All Things Green!


Happy St. Patrick's week!  Use the holiday to your advantage by encouraging your family to eat as many green veggies as possible between now and Thursday.  Here's my "All Things Green Salad".  

Use any or all veggies you enjoy.  Here's what I did...

Romaine lettuce 



Snap Peas 


Pumpkin seeds

Broccoli (raw or steamed then cooled)

Green beans  (raw or steamed then cooled)

Asparagus (raw or roasted then cooled)

Marinated Artichoke hearts


Fresh Parsley 

Fresh Basil 

Garlic Sea Salt 

Everyday Seasoning 

Use an avocado-based or vinaigrette dressing.  There's a ton of flavor from the herbs, marinated artichoke hearts and/or by adding sauerkraut that much dressing isn't needed.  Make it your own and see how many healthy green foods you can eat these next few days!


Congratulations Marci on a successful first week of the March BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge!


A Better YOU is Just a Click Away!


Some of the best moments of my job are times I open my phone and see a message like this... 


I wanted to take a minute to say, thank you. And I really mean it from the bottom of my heart.  One of the factors that led me to participate in your group for the last seven weeks was that my wife wanted to be a part of it, and I thought it would be a great activity to do together. Not that I didn’t need it, because if anyone needed to realign their thinking and attitude about lifestyle, that person was me. It was a fun seven weeks, facing the fact that I didn’t eat nearly enough vegetables, I ate way too much junk food, I had way too many excuses as to why the lifestyle I was living was governed and controlled by forces that were out of my control. Just an excuse. Anyway this is a testament to your program.

It wasn’t extremely tasking to eat with more thought. I surely didn’t exercise as much as I could have. (I will blame my knee for part of that. Awe yes an excuse). I had no problem with the water. I thought the program was extremely well balanced, and I am really pleased that I had a few positive changes. Besides losing 16.6 lbs. & 17.25", I'm almost totally off my blood pressure medication. I don’t have a fraction of the heartburn and acid reflux I had before and I feel so much better. And as a bonus, I went from a size 36 pant to a 33.

I loved the Silver Fern products, the probiotics, protein powders and especially their dang chocolate. I thought they were all magnificent and I am positive they were a factor in any success I had. I really can’t say enough good things about their products and hope for their continuing success. I will continue to use them. I didn't take much of a chance to use the BodyGym but I'm actually looking forward to using it as I continue to try to get a little better, stronger and healthier from knee surgery. Thank you for introducing me to that piece of equipment, I find it a really cool item. Again Mindy, thank you. It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I hope you have great success in the future.


Thank you Jake for allowing me to share this with others!  If you've ever doubted that you can't change for any reason, you are no different than Jake!   Never underestimate the power of basic, simple strategies.  

Grab your spouse or loved one like Jake did, and join me next Monday on the private Facebook group for my March BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge.  You can participate from anywhere in the world!  Change is possible for each and everyone of us!  

Register by clicking the "sign up" button at www.mindybuxton.com by Friday before registration closes.  Space is nearly full.  You can pre-register for May as well since there will not be an April challenge.  

Have a healthy & happy day!

BodyJoy, BodyGym & Silver Fern Brand Probiotics... A winning trifecta!

20.4 lbs. & 17.5" in just 7 weeks!

20.4 lbs. & 17.5" in just 7 weeks!

It's been an awesome 7 weeks spending time online through my private Facebook group with over 80 participants doing my BodyJoy ELEVATED Slim Down Challenge.  Basically, I use 7 strategies that people follow.  It's focused on positive things to add to your life to improve your mind, movement and meals--just like I outline in my The BodyJoy Plan book.  We have daily coaching and communication through Facebook providing recipes, video demos, positive quotes and what ever support participants as for.  

I'm telling you, accountability is the key to seeing success because my program is BASIC!  We forget that basic and simple get results.  The downfall of people not hitting goals---you actually have to DO those basic things.  Results are in our ACTIONS done on a daily basis.

This month I decided to do things differently since I've had such an impressive result with a probiotic that I found.  I was thrilled that it's helped me improve a few health conditions I've spend the past several years working on and I loved the fact that this brand happens to be a local company.  

My challenge participants were given the option to use Silver Fern Brand probiotics and protein powder.  More than half of them chose to join me in putting these products to the test and here's what happened with the top finishers...

My biggest losers dropped all over 15 inches and pounds.

Kelly W. dropped 20.4 lbs. & 17.5"
Jake J. dropped 16.6 lbs. & 17.25"
Lonnie E. dropped 16.5 lbs. & 15"

How awesome is it that a female hit the largest change!?!  Not to take anything away from my hard working, dedicated guys; but us girls just don't have the same muscle mass to start out with, that's why you typically see men drop more and faster than the ladies.

I had participants from 12-69 years old.  Out of the handful of teens, the Top Teenage Champion  was Abigail S. dropping 2 lbs. but 16.5".   Yes, you read that right, 16.5"!  She was waking up early before school or making the time in the evenings using her BodyGym to get 30 mins. of exercise a day.  What a great example!

Four other fabulous females include Robyn D. dropping 7lbs. & 16.6", Linda D. dropping 8.2lbs. & 15.7",  Mindy S. dropping 10.5lbs. & 12.75"and Shannon L. dropping 10.75 & 12.25. There were an additional 4 ladies who lost over 10" too!

I was beyond pleased with this group!  My results show that the Silver Fern Brand products raised the group average inch drop by almost 2".  I've definitely been impressed with the participants feedback on reduced cravings, improved immune systems and improved stomach experience from those who had a few issues before the challenge began. 

I was impressed that my own body responded with the additional 2" drop compared to my typical results of the BodyJoy strategies without Silver Fern.  I appreciated the fact that over 70% of participants actually finished the challenge which is well above the "less than half" average of typical fitness challenges.

Needless to say, I'm going to continue to offer the Silver Fern Brand products in my upcoming challenges, including the March challenge, which closes registration this Friday!  I'm excited to roll out a new BodyGym workout calendar to the group based on watching my biggest losers use it.  The combination of BodyJoy strategies, BodyGym workouts and the Silver Fern Brand probiotics & protein powder make it an effective trifecta when it comes to changing you body!   The results speak for themselves.  Thank you to all those participants who did the 7 week challenge with me and I look forward to those who will join me the next 4 weeks to make March a month of progress and success!  You can find more information on both my challenge and the Silver Fern Brand products on www.mindybuxton.com.  

Mug Cake for Breakfast? Yes Please!!!

Yes I'm a trainer, but sometimes I just want dessert for breakfast.  Am I the only one?  My Silver Fern Protein Mug Cake is the best way to enjoy something truly decadent while getting in my protein.  The greatest part, there's no added sugar but this is perfectly sweet.  I've been known to enjoy this for lunch, dinner or a snack as well!  

Thanks to Cenavi Chocolate Flats, I only need 1/2 a square to get warm, gooey, melted chocolate that allows me to have this daily if I want.  Bonus: you never feel deprived because this fits into a healthy lifestyle AND you'll still fit into your favorite jeans!  

 Here's the recipe...

Mindy's Silver Fern Mug Cake

  • 1 Scoop Silver Fern Brand Chocolate Protein Shake (I've also used their Chocolate Mint flavor which is fabulous!)
  • 1 tbsp, Coconut Flour
  • .50 tsp, Baking Powder
  • 1 tbsp(s), Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened
  • .25 Cup, Vanilla Coconut Milk (or milk of your choice)
  • 1 tsp,  Kakato Natural Sweetener  (or sweetener of your choice)
  • 1 large, Egg (or egg substitute)
  • 1 tbsp. Almond Extract (or vanilla)

Add all the dry ingredients in a microwaveable mug or bowl, mix well.  Add the milk, egg & extract into your dry ingredients and stir until well mixed.  Microwave for 1:30 seconds.  

Break up 1/2 a Cenavi Chocolate Flat to sprinkle on top (only 35 cals.).  Optional:  I add a dollop of SoDelicious Coconut Whipped Cream (only 30 cals.).  

Nutrition Facts: 247 cals., 11g fat, 20 g. carb., 21g protein.  You can adapt the calories by using egg whites only or making any other substitutions to your liking.  

Rest assured this is husband and kid approved.  Both the whey and plant-based protein powders work great, plus you can change the flavor to your preference.  Silver Fern's vanilla and cookies & cream protein flavors are a big hit with my girls as well as the chocolate and chocolate mint (my personal fav)!  


By using the coupon code Mindy10 you can go to www.mindybuxton.com where you'll see the Silver Fern box at the bottom of my home page.  This code will get you the best prices for any of these 3 items mentioned or your favorite Silver Fern Brand foods.  

4 weeks of the BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge...

Sign up for my March BodyJoy Slim Down challenge at www.mindybuxton.com.  Registration closes February 26.  See how many inches you can drop in only 4 weeks!  Share this Blog Post on your page for a chance to win a free spot!  Winner will be announced by March 1.




February Favorite Things

NOW is the perfect time to refocus on your health if January was a little rough.  Simple swaps can make your body and life just a little better without being overwhelming.  I thought I'd give you a few of my favorite's incase you needed ideas for Valentine's Day.  These would make great gifts for loved one's or a much deserved reward for yourself!

BodyGym is my absolute go-to; not just for my own body, but for all of my clients ages 12 through 85.   I've had the privilege of using BodyGym for over 14 years now.  I witnessed the very first pilot test group and have been watching impressive transformations taking place for people throughout the country ever since.  In over 20 years in the fitness industry, I've never seen anything like this.  I can't name another piece of equipment which is affordable, can be used by any age group, any place, hit every single muscle group, gives you cardio, strength training, flexibility, assisted stretching AND helps drop inches and fat.  I use this in my 4 week challenges and participants drop an average of 7 inches and 5 lbs. It's the last piece of exercise equipment you'll need because you actually use it since you can take it anywhere and use it at anytime you'd like!  In just a few minutes a day you start toning, tightening and you get that endorphin boost that makes you feel great.  You can find it on www.bodygym.com.  An added bonus, if you get yours now you'll be ready to participate in my March BodyGym Slim Down Challenge through Facebook and see your own body transform! This is a gift that keeps on giving!

Cenavi Dark Chocolate Bark & Square Flats are the best treats I've found that help me avoid over-indulging but still make me feel completely satisfied. Besides, what's Valentine's without chocolate?!?!  These were formulated by one of the most recognized and respected chocolatiers in the world. These chocolates have no added sugar, are high in fiber and probiotics and unlike most "no sugar added" chocolates on the market, have no sugar alcohols.

You’ve never tasted a chocolate as healthy and delicious as these. That's exactly why I love them!  They taste like "regular" chocolate! My daughter's thought they were the San Fransisco brand when I first gave them one.  With a healthy lifestyle, I think it's important to still have treats. It helps us be more consistent with our results because we aren't deprived.  I love that people would ever guess these are no-sugar-added or contain healthy probiotics by how delicious they taste!  Look for the Silver Fern graphic on my website and enter the coupon code Mindy10 to get an even greater discount.  Just a bit of advice, if you're buying these as a gift, you definitely want to get a package for yourself!

The BodyJoy Plan is the book of strategies I wrote to help others change their lifestyle without yo-yo dieting or feeling like they're dieting.  It's the inspiration that created my online group training which continues to help people all over the world hit their goal.  It's been rated Book of the Month several times on Amazon and you can read more about under the shop tab on www.mindybuxton.com.  Even if you just follow 2 or 3 of the several strategies, your health and body will improve.  It's a sound go-to since all the weight loss books out there always take something to an extreme.  You won't lose 20 pounds in a week, but you'll never have to release the weight you drop because you do it the right way.  What better gift is there than the gift of health?  

This month as we focus on love and celebrating those we care about, know I'm extremely grateful for my fitness friends.  You're amazing and you continue to inspire me!  Thanks for allowing me in your life.  Here's to a month filled with health, happiness and BodyJoy!  For more tips, recipes, & exercises  follow me on Instagram, Facebook or sign up for my newsletter at www.mindybuxton.com.

The BodyGym Game Day Challenge

How Will You Score?!?!

Last year I had a great response to our first ever BodyGym Football Challenge so it's back!  The BIG Game can be a day of BIG eating for us football fans!  Rather than sitting and eating the entire Super Bowl, I challenge you to get a few minutes of some Fun-day Sunday BodyGym moves while you watch the BIG game! 

Be sure to take a fun picture of you to post on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags
#RaisingTheBarInFitness and #BodyJoySlimDownChallenge.  

I'm going to pick my favorite 3 posts and send you a FREE little gift!  Be sure you add @mindybux and @TheRealMarieOsmond and the hashtags to your post to be eligible!  I'm excited to watch you enjoy a healthier Super Bowl Sunday with #TheBodyGym!    Share this on your page encouraging healthier choices for your family and friends.  

Try these moves whenever you see this happen…

For more BodyGym fun & ideas join my March Slim Down Challenge at www.mindybuxton.com.  You can sign up on my home page!

A Winning Idea for the Upcoming Big Game!


Greetings Fitness Friends,

As a pouting Denver Bronco fan, I  just realized that the BIG GAME is this upcoming weekend.  I thought I’d pass on my simple, option-loaded, Ceviche recipe that can be enjoyed several different ways.  

Regardless if you prepare this dish or your own recipe, I challenge you to prepare one thing healthier at this year's football party!  Remember to have a few health food options along side those  treats we all enjoy!  There's room for both, right?!?!

Mindy’s Ceviche Recipe

Preparation time: 15 minutes to prepare, let soak overnight in fridge.


1 lb. of raw shrimp chopped (you can also use mahi-mahi, red snapper or halibut)

2 fresh squeezed limes (use juice)

             1/2 red onion, finely diced

             ½ cucumber diced

             1 chopped fresh tomato

 Fresh cilantro to taste

 ½ avocado diced

               5 Tbsp. fresh salsa


In a glass casserole dish, either Pyrex or ceramic, place the fish, onion, tomatoes, salsa, cucumber and cilantro. Squeeze in lime juice. Stir well, making sure the fish gets exposed to the acidic lime juice. Let sit for several hours in the fridge, giving time for the flavors to blend.  (My daughter adds a splash of her favorite hot sauce!) ALSO, if you leave the avocado pit in the mix it won’t turn brown.

Creative Serving Options

Serve with chopped cilantro and slices of avocado with heated tortillas

Serve in romaine lettuce leaves or over a bed of green for salad style

Serve over cut cucumbers as cucumber nachos

Serve in hard shells for ceviche tacos

Serve on a tostada shell

Serve nacho style with tortilla chips

Use ceviche as your veggie dip or chip dip


Serves 8. Approx. 80 calories per serving of the fish ceviche mix.

By popular demand, I'll be sending my BodyGym Football Challenge out at the end of the week to give you a fun option for enjoying the BIG game! I hope you have a happy and healthy week! 

For a few more free recipes go to www.mindybuxton.com to sign up for my Most Made's Recipes!