Mindy P. Buxton, BS, CSCS, CPFT has worked in the health and fitness industry since 1996.   She had been a Fitness and Food Coach at the LifeCentre Athletic Club in Sandy, Utah for over 19 years, providing personal training and online coaching.  Mindy is the author of The BodyJoy Plan, The BodyGym Exercise Catalog, creator and Master Trainer of the BodyGym Certification Program.

Her online food & fitness programs extend to people all over the world in addition to her athletic club clientele.  She is certified as a strength and conditioning specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and a Certified Personal Fitness Professional through AFAA.  Mindy is also a certified cycling instructor.  She has been married for over 19 years to T.J. Buxton, a health club general manager, and she is a proud parent of two beautiful, active daughters. 

Mindy is a regular fitness presenter on QVC working with Marie Osmond for BodyGym.  She has filmed fitness and food segments for KSL, was ABC’s fitness expert and personal trainer for Ultimate Makeover on channel 4’s morning show Good Things Utah, and has also been featured as the fitness expert on Fox 13’s morning show. She‘s presented programs with Kathy Smith at IDEA Conference for trainers and group fitness professionals and presented at an International Fitness Festival in Florence, Italy.  Mindy was also the certified personal trainer to the BodyGym Challenges, assisting participants with both inch and body fat loss over the six-week programs.  

Mindy has close ties with her community and church and she frequently speaks to youth, teacher’s, school’s and women's groups regarding health and physical fitness.  She conducts educational shopping visits at local grocery stores and holds workshops at the world-renowned Red Mountain Spa in Ivins, Utah.  Mindy works closely with doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, dieticians, and therapists to maintain a health and wellness network for her training clientele. Many of these network doctors and professionals utilize her training services on a regular basis.  
Over the years she has trained thousands of clients, many of whom continue to seek follow-up sessions on a regular basis.  Mindy has a diverse clientele base including athletes, youth and geriatric populations, pregnant and postpartum individuals, post-rehabilitation clients and corporations.  She successfully helps her clients attain their goals and improve their bodies, lifestyle, health, and happiness through her “BodyJoy” method. 

Mindy is a great example of practicing what she preaches.  She’s been able to transform her own body—overcoming health, weight and body image issues.  She’s a “people person” who cares about her clients and is able to converse with anyone about anything.  She enjoys being active, especially cycling, snow skiing, working out, traveling and spending time with her family. She’s a proud finisher of several marathons and triathlons.  Mindy constantly challenges her own abilities as well as those of the people around her.  She’s an example for health, fitness, and happiness making her the ultimate example of BodyJoy.