A Winning Idea for the Upcoming Big Game!


Greetings Fitness Friends,

As a pouting Denver Bronco fan, I  just realized that the BIG GAME is this upcoming weekend.  I thought I’d pass on my simple, option-loaded, Ceviche recipe that can be enjoyed several different ways.  

Regardless if you prepare this dish or your own recipe, I challenge you to prepare one thing healthier at this year's football party!  Remember to have a few health food options along side those  treats we all enjoy!  There's room for both, right?!?!

Mindy’s Ceviche Recipe

Preparation time: 15 minutes to prepare, let soak overnight in fridge.


1 lb. of raw shrimp chopped (you can also use mahi-mahi, red snapper or halibut)

2 fresh squeezed limes (use juice)

             1/2 red onion, finely diced

             ½ cucumber diced

             1 chopped fresh tomato

 Fresh cilantro to taste

 ½ avocado diced

               5 Tbsp. fresh salsa


In a glass casserole dish, either Pyrex or ceramic, place the fish, onion, tomatoes, salsa, cucumber and cilantro. Squeeze in lime juice. Stir well, making sure the fish gets exposed to the acidic lime juice. Let sit for several hours in the fridge, giving time for the flavors to blend.  (My daughter adds a splash of her favorite hot sauce!) ALSO, if you leave the avocado pit in the mix it won’t turn brown.

Creative Serving Options

Serve with chopped cilantro and slices of avocado with heated tortillas

Serve in romaine lettuce leaves or over a bed of green for salad style

Serve over cut cucumbers as cucumber nachos

Serve in hard shells for ceviche tacos

Serve on a tostada shell

Serve nacho style with tortilla chips

Use ceviche as your veggie dip or chip dip


Serves 8. Approx. 80 calories per serving of the fish ceviche mix.

By popular demand, I'll be sending my BodyGym Football Challenge out at the end of the week to give you a fun option for enjoying the BIG game! I hope you have a happy and healthy week! 

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