2 Tips for Success!

January is coming to an end and sometimes it’s tough to keep your momentum towards your goals as strong and excited as it felt New Years Day.  Here’s 2 tips that will help you stay on track going into February…
Keep it Simple!  Why are we conditioned to think that grandiose, difficult, and overwhelming get us results? You and I both have experienced the disappointing fact that these ways just don’t last long or take us to our overall goal.  Hopefully your goal is doable, realistic and simple.  Get back to doing just one thing a day to continue working towards your overall goal.  Remember 15 minutes of exercise is better than nothing and every positive choice you make adds up in the long run! Simple=success!
Focus on the Process!  Now is the time to focus on the daily activities you need to do to get to your goal—NOT on your overall goal.  Set your self up to take things one day at a time.  What should you eat today, what time of day will you workout, how will you workout, what will you do to manage your stress?  These things are where your attention needs to be so you can continue making improvements into the next month as well as the rest of 2016!

Fit in February BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge
I have 7 openings left in my private FaceBook group for February.  Join my BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge and spend February getting fit and fabulous.  We have the chocolate covered holidays of Valentine’s and Easter just around the corner.  Experience how you can navigate these treat-filled holiday’s while dropping inches and weight.  Here’s a sample check in from one of our amazing participants…
“Checking in... Down 5 pounds for week 1... Excited to be back on track!!! I needed a big win for getting back and feel great. My clothes are fitting better, and I already can see a difference in how I look from the beginning of January! Yay! I've been doing a strength and cardio workout each day and it has made a big difference! I won't do that every week, but it has felt so great! And rest day... (I always do rest day on Sunday) I love rest day….my veggies are on point... If they're not I get way too hungry. Getting a little better at sleep! I posted a little Transformation Tuesday for motivation! Excited to stay focused and successful this week!”
We follow 8 basic, doable strategies and get BIG results!  You can join us from any location since this is all done through FaceBook.  Go to www.mindybuxton.com for more details of my BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge and to sign up! Register by Thursday, Jan. 28 so you can start Monday, February 1!!!