Knowledge is nothing without Action & Awareness

I was given an excellent article on the importance of our environment vs. knowledge. I’d like to share 3 important concepts with you that lead to inch loss!

1.   Knowledge doesn’t always transfer into action.  We can be schooled on nutrition, health and fitness, but if we’re not taking action to do the work required to see results to improve our health and fitness, that knowledge isn’t helping our situation.  The article stated sometimes people mistake knowledge as the most important indicator of success.  My findings:  ACTION is the more important indicator of reaching results!

2.  Environment plays a larger factor than willpower & knowledge.  You can have the most determined person in the world, but if that person is in an environment that doesn’t support his/her goal, that person will have a hard time succeeding.

Plate size matters.  You mean to eat less, but you want to fill your plate so it looks like you’re getting a good amount of food. Fact: By having smaller plates, you can fill your plate and consume less calories without even thinking about it!  Establish which plate you can begin using to help you hit your goal!  If you don’t have one in your home, buy one this week!
Out of site out of mind.  Fact: We eat what’s in front of us.  Only keep those foods in site that you want to be eating regularly.  Try keeping processed foods tucked away and focus on healthy, plant-based, whole foods. 

Dish out serving sizes.  Fact: When you portion out your food, you’re less likely to mindlessly consume more than you mean to eat.  Portion out everything that you can!  Get out snack-size baggies to fill with your processed foods such as chips , pretzels, cookies, crackers, popcorn, etc. Even do this with your healthy foods such as carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, raw almonds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, etc. 

3.  Awareness is more important than knowledge. You can know every nutrient in food, know how many calories are in foods, but if you’re not aware of the amounts you’re actually eating, that knowledge can’t help you reach your goal.  How can we have awareness?  Record your food the way that supports you best.  Some individuals log every food each day, some only track specific meals.  Knowing what you’re doing helps you know how to course correct!  In my BodyJoy Slim Down we track points for 7 simple strategies and our point total is based on how well we do them.  This gives us the awareness of what we need to do better or why we are doing so great.  Tracking our actions lead to weekly results and success and who doesn’t want to see success on a weekly basis?!?!?

Implement these three things to create your own BodyJoy or join my online challenge to see weekly success as I help you with these 3 things and more!