Fun Winter Activities to Keep You Moving

There's so many ways to take advantage of being outdoors this time of year.  Here's some ways you can have an active and fit winter regardless or your age or fitness ability.

Snow Sports

You may not be a downhill skier, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy outdoor sports.  Cross country skiing and snow shoeing can be done by all fitness levels and regardless if you're a beginner or an athlete.   You WILL get a great workout while having fun.  Equipment can be rented if you don't own it--no excuses here.  

Check out local areas that you can go to with friends or family members to make some great outdoor memories together! One of my favorite dates with my husband and daughters have been up at Solider Hollow learning to cross country ski!  You can go to a field, your favorite hiking spot or an actual track to participate in either activity.

Iceskating indoors or outdoors can be enjoyed by everyone.  Most places have "ice walkers" for those who aren't as steady on their skates so kids and adults can channel their inner skating Olympian.  

Local Outdoor Activities

Check out the activities in your area that have some type of walking or active component.  Within a 20 mile radius, I can go tubing in Park City, walk light-covered grounds such as "Luminaria" at Thanksgiving Point, Utah's Hoggle Zoo Lights, or explore beautiful Temple Square.  

I can visit decorated shopping areas to see the Macy's windows at City Creek or drive up to Heber Valley to wander the ice castles.    

How about visiting your local covered pool?!?!  I'm inviting my family to a "Polar Bear Plunge" where we can play pool games in the warm bubble covered pool at LifeCentre Athletic Club.  We've never had a winter pool party or swim day with the cousins before, so I'll have to report how that activity turns out!  

I challenge you to make some new memories this winter in the spirit of getting together and being active.  You only have one body and if you don't use it, you lose the ability to move it.  Don't let winter slow you down.  Tag me at @Mindybux with ideas and activities you enjoy with your friends & family this winter!