Baby It's Cold Outside...But Are YOU Still Moving?

Movement is not just about exercise or time working out.  Movement can be incorporated into errands and activities while you're busy preparing for holiday festivities.  Here are a few examples to increase YOUR movement as the business of the holidays approach.

Stand More

Rather than sitting to wrap gifts, set your wrapping station up at your counter or in a place you can stand.  Standing burns more calories than sitting, it allows you to activate your abdominals and core muscles and you'll avoid the aches and pains that come from extended time seated.(Sitting is the new smoking you know!)  Set your phone alarm and every 45 minutes take a lap around the house then get back to your presents.  

Indoor Movement

Take advantage of this colder weather to tackle projects you've been putting off.  Clean out drawers, paint a room, rearrange closets and shelves; or declutter and donate items you no longer use.  Do some deep cleaning. Bending down to do baseboards or reaching up to clean walls can be a great way to accomplish tasks and get your heart rate up at the same time.  Turn on music while you're cooking or cleaning and dance like nobody is watching!

Play WiiFit with your spouse, kids or grandkids vs. watching movies or sitting around on electronics.  Try to balance your time lounging around with fun indoor activities.

Outdoor Preparedness

Be sure you're prepared with hats, gloves and boots as you're out and about doing errands.  I know it's tempting to find the closest parking spot to your destination now that it's freezing outside.  Bundle up, wear good boots and challenge yourself to park further away so you can get in extra steps outdoors.  You'll get an extra calorie burn as you push your cartload back to the car while you reap the benefits of being outdoors for a few extra minutes.  

Any moment you can catch a glimpse of sunshine or see a break in the weather, go for an extra lap around the parking lot, your neighborhood or take a few minutes outside on your lunch break.  Be the one to take out and bring in the trash cans.  Go to the mailbox daily.  Use the opportunity to clear snow from your driveway and walkways as bonus movement that will make others around you happy (that they didn't have to do it) while you strengthen your heart and muscles!  

Remember that staying active is much more than just getting in a workout. Movement goes back to basics and can be simple yet so effective.  I'd love to hear how you're getting in your movement while you prepare for the holidays.  Message me with your tips and tricks so we can all stay active & healthy together!