Greetings Fitness Friends

Greetings Fitness Friends,

This weekend I had the opportunity to tally measurements for participants in my Holiday Health Challenge.  In just three short weeks this group of participants averaged an inch loss of 5.75 inches overall.  Many of the individuals reported dropping 7, 9, and 10.75 inches and were so surprised because their weight loss hasn’t been as significant.

It’s always a good reminder that the scale isn’t the end all or may not accurately reveal how successful we can be when it comes to improving our bodies.  This is also an excellent reminder when we eat clean and focus on the foods that our bodies need to thrive we can lose fat and our body functions healthier.

I love the comments of how strong and lean people are becoming based on doing 3 days of strength training a week with the BodyGym.  If 60 people can lose weight over Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas festivities and food, so can you!

There’s only 4 weeks left this year.  Give yourself the best gift this season by finishing it with a healthy focus!  What can you do this week to make yourself feel healthier?  Pick just two items, write them down, then do them this week.  

For me, I know next week is a busy week full of dance dress rehearsals and a performance so I will not get to be home making fresh food as often as I’d like.  Today I’ll be roasting a large pan of mixed vegetables so I have them on hand to eat while I’m carpooling and running around.  I’m also going to do a large crockpot of chicken to shred so my family can eat it several ways whenever they need to.  My challenge gives points per week for exercising 30 minutes 5 times a week.  I challenge you to get in your 30 minutes 5 days this week to look and feel your best!
Have a fabulous, fit and festive week.