Tip #3 of Top 3

The past few weeks I've shared my top 3 tips in fitness since I turned 43 in April.  

1.  You're never stuck where you're at; your body can always improve!

2. If you only have one choice for exercise, choose strength training! 

And #3 is...

Focus on progress, not perfection!  This is the most important tip I constantly remind my clients and my challenge participants.  Perfection is so deceptive.  It's an unattainable state yet we're constantly expecting it of ourselves; especially when it comes to a fitness or food program.  

We all know this, but I think we forget so let me remind you...nobody is perfect, there is no perfect eating or workout plan and YOU don't have to be perfect to get results.  Perfectionism leads to self defeating thoughts, actions and literally prevents people from hitting their goal.  Focusing on perfect eating, exercise or any other area of life is a sure way to experience discouragement, frustration and unsupportive behaviors.

Try this...let go of perfectionism and replace it with progress instead.   Progress gives you so many opportunities to succeed because it isn't about only one option like perfectionism.  Progress can be made daily, at any moment and can keep your willpower and motivation strong since you have limitless opportunities to experience progress.

I love watching people change from a perfectionist mindset to being progress focused.  They're able to continue moving forward with their goals because they know one unhealthy decision isn't the end of the world or doesn't mean they're "off" their program now.  

There's hope in progress and that hope leads to more positive choices so you can actually experience joy while you're on the journey to hitting your goal vs. waiting to be happy once you achieve it.  It's possible to have the best of both worlds if progress is your driving force.

This is a simple but important concept to implement!  If you've experienced self-defeating moments of giving up on yourself because perfection has been your measuring stick, I have a challenge for you!  Give it one week---pay attention to all the little moments you experience progress (drinking water, walking more, getting in a workout, eating 1 vegetable, etc.) and see how that changes your actions.  

When you change your mindset, your body will follow.  I look forward to hearing about your progress as you continue on your personal fitness journey!  

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June BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge

My June BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge begins Monday, June 5.  Space is almost full so register at www.mindybuxton.com by clicking the sign up button.  I have a wait list for the next 2 challenges, if you'd like to be added email me at mindy@mindybuxton.com.  I have an online only and live workouts option!  

An example of one participant's progress...congratulations Marie!