Top 3 Tips as I Celebrate 43!

I’m not a big birthday lover, but I sure appreciate the wisdom and knowledge I’ve learned with getting older.  Thinking back over the past year, I have 3 Top Tips that help us thrive and live true BodyJoy.  Why 3?  Because I’m now 43 which is “old” according to my teenagers but “still just a baby” according to my parents and 85 year old client.  It’s all relative, right?!?! I’ll be sending these tips out over then next few days so here’s #1…

You're never stuck where you're at; your body can always improve!  Your body can change at any given moment.  This is such a blessing!  I started my birthday last year being diagnosed with MRSA.  That bacteria and the protocol for eradicating it truly broke me more than any other health condition I’ve endured. 

I remember moments of wanting to give up and literally die during those harsh antibiotics and the daily visits to my Dr. to keep me from being hospitalized.   I never knew that side effects from antibiotics could be worse than the bacteria it was killing---but with MRSA they are.  I remember thinking I looked and felt the way my mom did when she was going through radiation or chemo—the only difference was I still had my hair. 

I had to physically start over with walking---just into another room---because I was so weak after 2 months of bed rest.  This experience gave me the opportunity to remember we should never underestimate the importance of starting small when it comes to improving your body and health.  The simple things like a walk, stretching and doing only 5 minutes of movement at a time made a huge difference in getting me back to just participating in life.  With consistency, I was able to build back up so I could return to my physically demanding job of personal training. 

MRSA might not be relatable, being frustrated with health and/or the body due to pain, sickness or conditions has affected us all at one point or another.  Regardless of your condition or how you feel now, there is always something you can do to feel better.  Starting small and easy is important vs. getting impatient and over doing movement or giving up completely because you feel like complete junk. 

I’m here to tell you that EVERY situation can be improved when it comes to your body or health. You’ll find the answers in the simple, basic things like standing, walking and stretching.  Anyone can do at least one of those things daily.  1 or 5 minutes will make a difference and common sense plays a key roll in progress. This is such a great thing because you don't need to be extreme or spend tons of time or money on looking for answers.  

Vegetables are necessary to nourish your body and can be eaten in 2 seconds because you don’t even need to cook most of them.  Water is essential for you to be your best--it's free and you have access to it anywhere you go.   Simple basics should be your first priority regardless of where you're at in health.

One year later, I can honestly say this is the healthiest I’ve been in my entire life.  My kids and T.J. roll their eyes at me because almost daily I comment that, "I’m so happy to be pain free" or "I’m so happy to be moving how I WANT to now" and that my life isn’t consumed with healing the way I’ve had to spend my time in past due to dis-ease. 

Sometimes our biggest challenges can bring bigger blessings once we put in the attention, time and honor what we need in that moment.  Consistency and mastering the basics are key to any success in life—especially when it comes to your health. 

Regardless if you’re health is thriving or if you’re in the worst situation you’ve experienced, know that by making small efforts daily you will improve.  Keep things simple and basic because it’s easy to get overwhelmed and impatient!  

Are you doing the basics?  Are you drinking at least 64oz of water each day?  Are you making sleep a priority?  Can you eat more vegetables?  Can you opt for baked or grilled vs. fried food?  You might now think these things are a big deal, but you'll realize by doing them they impact how you look and feel more than you expected.  

Know that YOU know your body better than any one.   Come up with 3 small things you can do for your body starting now.   You’ll be closer to creating a new experience and body!  Remember that only 1 minute of movement and 1 simple vegetable can make a difference! Your success is found in the basics!

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