All Things Green!


Happy St. Patrick's week!  Use the holiday to your advantage by encouraging your family to eat as many green veggies as possible between now and Thursday.  Here's my "All Things Green Salad".  

Use any or all veggies you enjoy.  Here's what I did...

Romaine lettuce 



Snap Peas 


Pumpkin seeds

Broccoli (raw or steamed then cooled)

Green beans  (raw or steamed then cooled)

Asparagus (raw or roasted then cooled)

Marinated Artichoke hearts


Fresh Parsley 

Fresh Basil 

Garlic Sea Salt 

Everyday Seasoning 

Use an avocado-based or vinaigrette dressing.  There's a ton of flavor from the herbs, marinated artichoke hearts and/or by adding sauerkraut that much dressing isn't needed.  Make it your own and see how many healthy green foods you can eat these next few days!


Congratulations Marci on a successful first week of the March BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge!