A Better YOU is Just a Click Away!


Some of the best moments of my job are times I open my phone and see a message like this... 


I wanted to take a minute to say, thank you. And I really mean it from the bottom of my heart.  One of the factors that led me to participate in your group for the last seven weeks was that my wife wanted to be a part of it, and I thought it would be a great activity to do together. Not that I didn’t need it, because if anyone needed to realign their thinking and attitude about lifestyle, that person was me. It was a fun seven weeks, facing the fact that I didn’t eat nearly enough vegetables, I ate way too much junk food, I had way too many excuses as to why the lifestyle I was living was governed and controlled by forces that were out of my control. Just an excuse. Anyway this is a testament to your program.

It wasn’t extremely tasking to eat with more thought. I surely didn’t exercise as much as I could have. (I will blame my knee for part of that. Awe yes an excuse). I had no problem with the water. I thought the program was extremely well balanced, and I am really pleased that I had a few positive changes. Besides losing 16.6 lbs. & 17.25", I'm almost totally off my blood pressure medication. I don’t have a fraction of the heartburn and acid reflux I had before and I feel so much better. And as a bonus, I went from a size 36 pant to a 33.

I loved the Silver Fern products, the probiotics, protein powders and especially their dang chocolate. I thought they were all magnificent and I am positive they were a factor in any success I had. I really can’t say enough good things about their products and hope for their continuing success. I will continue to use them. I didn't take much of a chance to use the BodyGym but I'm actually looking forward to using it as I continue to try to get a little better, stronger and healthier from knee surgery. Thank you for introducing me to that piece of equipment, I find it a really cool item. Again Mindy, thank you. It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I hope you have great success in the future.


Thank you Jake for allowing me to share this with others!  If you've ever doubted that you can't change for any reason, you are no different than Jake!   Never underestimate the power of basic, simple strategies.  

Grab your spouse or loved one like Jake did, and join me next Monday on the private Facebook group for my March BodyJoy Slim Down Challenge.  You can participate from anywhere in the world!  Change is possible for each and everyone of us!  

Register by clicking the "sign up" button at www.mindybuxton.com by Friday before registration closes.  Space is nearly full.  You can pre-register for May as well since there will not be an April challenge.  

Have a healthy & happy day!