BodyJoy, BodyGym & Silver Fern Brand Probiotics... A winning trifecta!

20.4 lbs. & 17.5" in just 7 weeks!

20.4 lbs. & 17.5" in just 7 weeks!

It's been an awesome 7 weeks spending time online through my private Facebook group with over 80 participants doing my BodyJoy ELEVATED Slim Down Challenge.  Basically, I use 7 strategies that people follow.  It's focused on positive things to add to your life to improve your mind, movement and meals--just like I outline in my The BodyJoy Plan book.  We have daily coaching and communication through Facebook providing recipes, video demos, positive quotes and what ever support participants as for.  

I'm telling you, accountability is the key to seeing success because my program is BASIC!  We forget that basic and simple get results.  The downfall of people not hitting goals---you actually have to DO those basic things.  Results are in our ACTIONS done on a daily basis.

This month I decided to do things differently since I've had such an impressive result with a probiotic that I found.  I was thrilled that it's helped me improve a few health conditions I've spend the past several years working on and I loved the fact that this brand happens to be a local company.  

My challenge participants were given the option to use Silver Fern Brand probiotics and protein powder.  More than half of them chose to join me in putting these products to the test and here's what happened with the top finishers...

My biggest losers dropped all over 15 inches and pounds.

Kelly W. dropped 20.4 lbs. & 17.5"
Jake J. dropped 16.6 lbs. & 17.25"
Lonnie E. dropped 16.5 lbs. & 15"

How awesome is it that a female hit the largest change!?!  Not to take anything away from my hard working, dedicated guys; but us girls just don't have the same muscle mass to start out with, that's why you typically see men drop more and faster than the ladies.

I had participants from 12-69 years old.  Out of the handful of teens, the Top Teenage Champion  was Abigail S. dropping 2 lbs. but 16.5".   Yes, you read that right, 16.5"!  She was waking up early before school or making the time in the evenings using her BodyGym to get 30 mins. of exercise a day.  What a great example!

Four other fabulous females include Robyn D. dropping 7lbs. & 16.6", Linda D. dropping 8.2lbs. & 15.7",  Mindy S. dropping 10.5lbs. & 12.75"and Shannon L. dropping 10.75 & 12.25. There were an additional 4 ladies who lost over 10" too!

I was beyond pleased with this group!  My results show that the Silver Fern Brand products raised the group average inch drop by almost 2".  I've definitely been impressed with the participants feedback on reduced cravings, improved immune systems and improved stomach experience from those who had a few issues before the challenge began. 

I was impressed that my own body responded with the additional 2" drop compared to my typical results of the BodyJoy strategies without Silver Fern.  I appreciated the fact that over 70% of participants actually finished the challenge which is well above the "less than half" average of typical fitness challenges.

Needless to say, I'm going to continue to offer the Silver Fern Brand products in my upcoming challenges, including the March challenge, which closes registration this Friday!  I'm excited to roll out a new BodyGym workout calendar to the group based on watching my biggest losers use it.  The combination of BodyJoy strategies, BodyGym workouts and the Silver Fern Brand probiotics & protein powder make it an effective trifecta when it comes to changing you body!   The results speak for themselves.  Thank you to all those participants who did the 7 week challenge with me and I look forward to those who will join me the next 4 weeks to make March a month of progress and success!  You can find more information on both my challenge and the Silver Fern Brand products on