BodyJoy Slim Down ELEVATED

I hope you've been enjoying this festive time of year!  I'm loving the winter wonderland that's outside my front door.  I'm balancing the celebrations (which obviously include chocolate) with still finding time to squeeze in short but effective workouts.  

At parties I've focused on getting in my veggies and protein before I indulge in my treats.  I love not feeling deprived but also not feeling overstuffed and sick because this year I just haven't wanted/needed to over indulge.  Thursday I'm going to share WHY.  But I can tell you right now,  this is a good place to be mentally & physically!

Know if you've gone a little overboard on the treats, you can get back to eating healthy your very next meal.  Go for a walk or get in a few push ups and lunges.  Nothing needs to be extreme and every little bit of movement adds up.  

Don't wait for January 1 to start making yourself better, join me Thursday at 11am MST for a Facebook Live with Charity Lighten.  Charity is chief nutritionist for Silver Fern Brand. I'm going to let her explain the science behind some of the mentioned benefits I'm experiencing.  I'm so excited to share with you how BodyJoy is getting ELEVATED starting January 2017! Until then, enjoy Charity's popular KSL article "Hit a diet plateau? 6 steps to jumpstart your weight loss!"

Be sure to go to the SilverFern Brand Facebook page to join our live discussion Thursday!  We'd love to answer any of your questions or to say Hi.  You don’t want to miss out!